Remote IT-support for your business

Creation and support of cloud and virtual IT infrastructures, IT solutions for business

Remote Linux support

Remote Linux (Debian, Centos, Ubuntu) support

E-Mail server with antispam

Corporate mail with protection from spam and viruses

HTTP proxy solutions

HTTP-proxy servers installation and support (datacenter/residental in many countries)

Support for WEB projects

Support for cloud servers and services for WEB projects (NGINX, PHP, ELK, Redis, SQL)

ChatBot development

Development of ChatBots (Telegram) with business integrations

Remote databases support

Remote support of Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Redis/KeyDB, ElasticSearch

Last news

ByDmitriy Altuhov 04.05.2021

Remote Linux server with (X2Go and MATE) and Android Emulators

Working on task to provide remote Linux server with (X2Go and MATE) and Android Emulators

ByDmitriy Altuhov 29.04.2021

GitLab CI/CD. Review Apps. .gitlab-ci.yml example with LXC containers deployment

Just an exmaple of the .gitlab-ci.yml for CI/CD with branches deployment on the server with LXC containers. We set GIT_STRATEGY = none, becau

ByDmitriy Altuhov 25.04.2021

netplan , systemd-networkd. Critical DHCP client, not release the IP. With Cloud-Init

Some of an ISP's DHCP server is for some reason flaky.Which causes 1..5-minute pauses in Internet availability.

ByDmitriy Altuhov 25.04.2021

Migrate from ifupdown to netplan. On-line without reboot. Scaleway

This is useful for old VMs (with Ubuntu 18.04) on Scaleway.Playbook for Ansible will be created later. apt install libnet-cidr-per