Development of Telegram bots, Alice skills

What do we offer?

Development and placement (hosting) of Telegram bots, Alice’s skills to automate the work of small businesses, where an appointment is required, an express order, an application:

It is possible to integrate Telegram bots and Alice’s skills with:

  • Third-party products (via API), for example, with Bitrix24 , YCLIENTS
  • Hardware and software systems (for example, with Raspeberry Pi sensors)
  • Monitoring systems (to notify about the work of the IT infrastructure)

Is there a demo?

Yes! We have prepared a demo of a telegram bot and WEB interfaces using the example of a solution for service centers for refueling cartridges!

How much is?

Until Jule 31, 2021, there is a promotion – launch and hosting of a typical bot and WEB-interface until December 31, free
Development and first month of bot hosting and WEB interfacefrom 100$
Improvements to the bot, interfacefrom 10$ / hour
Hosting, work support6$ / month
Registering a bot with BotFatheris free

What do I need to start?

  1. Agree on the terms of reference for revising the bot, taking into account your specifics.
  2. Conclude a contract, pay for the development and the first month of hosting.
  3. Register a “bot” in Telegram (in BotFather).
    1. We register, customize (picture, description, commands). Technically, we own the bot.
    2. You register and configure yourself. All rights to the “bot” remain with you.
  4. Configure hosting for the bot (Python script) and web interface (php, mysql, nginx).
    1. We independently host and configure on our server, this is included in 6$/ month .
    2. You independently order hosting, host a bot and web interface
  5. We are starting to carry out the development according to the technical task.

Why and who needs it?

The development will allow using the  skill of Alice  and the  Telegram bot  to provide Clients with the ability to make an appointment, obtain useful information about the Company, express ordering services or goods.

What does it look like for the Client?

The client (user) works via Telegram on his smartphone.

Additionally, a WEB-interface is available for the Client, in which you can manage your Agents (registrations), as well as view and create new orders.

What does it look like for the Administrator and the Executive?

The administrator works in a separate WEB-interface with advanced capabilities for managing clients, agents, orders, goods / services.

The contractor (barista, cartridge refueller) works (receives notifications about new orders) with the Telegram bot, WEB-interface or, if there is integration, in a separate CRM-system.