Remote Linux (Debian, Centos, Ubuntu) support

What do we offer?

Remote (remote) maintenance (support, configuration, administration) of virtual (cloud) servers based on Linux (CentOS, RedHat, RHEL, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian), FreeBSD.

How much is?

1 hour of work10$ / hour

Why and who needs it?

Services for support, configuration, maintenance of Linux, FreeBSD servers can be useful to all organizations where they are used.

The service can be one-time (to solve a one-time problem / issue) or subscriber service (requires comprehensive, constant support, ensuring the operability and reliability of the infrastructure).

How does the interaction take place?

Interaction between the Customer and the Contractor (us) is carried out through the most convenient communication channel for the Customer:

  • Telegram (chat, bot)
  • Application Accounting System (GLPI)
  • post office
  • Phone call