Chatbot and control web panel for use by cartridge refuellers

Example situation:

Contractor: Service Center LLC, specializing in refueling and supplying cartridges.
Customer: LLC “test client”, client LLC “Service-center”
Agents: employees of the Customer (LLC “test company”)

The Contractor and the Customer have concluded an agreement for refueling cartridges with a monthly payment for the amount of work performed (refilled cartridges, supplied new cartridges).

Access to the demo resources

Telegram bot: @asu_rasp_bot
Login for binding the Agent to the “test client”: kartr_client
Password for binding the Agent to the “test client”: kartr_client

The Contractor manages his Clients, Agents, Orders.

WEB interface of the Contractor (manager, specialist of the Contractor):
Password: kartr_demo

The customer (Director) can see the entire history of orders of his employees (agents).

Customer WEB interface:
Login: kartr_client
Password: kartr_client

Tasks for the Contractor:

  1. Promptly receive notifications from the Customer’s employees about the need to refill a cartridge or supply a new one
  2. Identify the customer’s employee (office address, office number, workplace, department / subdivision)
  3. Inform the Customer’s employee about the progress and timing of the order.
  4. Inform the manager and the specialist of the Contractor about the arrival of a new order.
  5. Provide the Customer’s representative (Director) with access to the WEB interface to control the volume of orders, receive monthly reports (grouped by departments / offices)
  6. Provide the Contractor’s employees (refueling specialists, managers) with access to the WEB interface for order processing (changing order statuses)

Tasks 1 to 4 are solved by the telegram bot:

  • Telegram is installed on the smartphone of each employee and the performer’s chatbot is connected.
  • The employee receives a login and password from the system administrator of the Customer. It independently goes through the procedure of registration / binding of its smartphone in the accounting system with reference to the Customer’s organization. When registering, the address, the number of the office, the department in which the employee works are indicated.
  • After registration of the Agent, a message is sent to the bot: /kartr
    The employee goes through a step-by-step process of ordering a refill of the cartridge.
  • After confirming the order, a message is sent to the manager about the arrival of a new order (indicating the coordinates of the employee from whom the order was received)

At the development stage:

  • Informing the agent about the progress of the order
  • Feedback from the Agent (loyalty, evaluation of the work performed, marriage)
  • Completion of agent registration (request for additional information: address, department, department, cabinet)
  • Adding additional to the database and WEB-interfaces. information about the Agent