Corporate mail with protection from spam and viruses. Email Server.

What do we offer?

Configuring and maintaining mail servers, mail relays, anti-virus / anti-spam protection servers, including setting up the necessary DNS records (such as a, ptr, mx, spf, dkim, dmarc).

How much is?

Набор почтовых сервисов (postfix, dovecot, opendkim, roundcube)от 2000 руб/мес.
Почтовый сервер Microsoft Exchange Serverот 3000 руб/мес.
Почтовый сервер Zimbraот 1500 руб/мес.
Почта для домена – Яндекс (Яндекс Коннект)300 руб/мес.
Почтовый хостинг Google для домена (G Suite)300 руб/мес.

What self-hosted services do we support?

What cloud mail services do we support?