Chatbot and control web panel for use by a coffee shop

The main task that the telegram bot solves is pre-ordering (5 minutes before arriving at the coffee shop) the desired drinks.

  1. In the control panel, the client (family) can indicate selected orders (which are taken most often) and order them in advance with one command.
  2. The barista is notified of a new order and starts cooking.
  3. The client enters and immediately picks up the finished drink.

Implemented the usual orders from the coffee shop menu.
The client is consistently asked to choose a drink, amount of sugar, syrup, cinnamon. You can leave a comment for the barista (it’ll be hotter, I’ll be there in 5 minutes).

In the near future, bonus programs will be integrated into the system (for example, every 5th coffee is free), deposits (the client leaves a deposit of 500 rubles at the coffee shop and picks up the order without waiting for payment, the check comes to e-mail, the money is debited from the deposit).